Katherine Roth

ND Senate D29


North Dakota is a prosperous state. Our agriculture and energy resources drive our economy. Our innovation and entrepreneurship make our communities stronger. District 29 businesses are essential to our well being. To sustain our prosperity, we need to invest in ourselves, in our resources, and in our children's education. We need to provide opportunities for workforce development, create incentives for growth, and build more welcoming communities for all.

North Dakotans also face hardships, but they are industrious and resilient. Working together, we can fight the opioid addiction crisis that has caused pain for so many families. We can provide more opportunities for living-wage jobs and rising incomes. We can look out for our farmers, veterans and laborers. And we can care for our most vulnerable citizens: seniors, children, and those with cognitive and physical disabilities.

I will stand ready to work with the residents of District 29 to chart a more prosperous future for all.